A Day in the District: October 2017

As students and staff settle into a new school year, we set out to capture activities that make up a typical Fall day across the Salem School District.

It's 5:30 a.m. and we find Custodian Alan Olivo cleaning on one of the newly-renovated entrances at Salem High School. The night shift has been hard at work for several hours washing away the remnants from the previous school day.

Over in the high school cafeteria, Barbara Schultz brings the ovens online in preparation for morning breakfast. The smell of baking muffins soon fills the cafe.

Over at Fisk Elementary School, Fifth-Grade Teacher John Gatsas gets a head start to his day. Usually the first to arrive, Mr. Gatsas relishes the quiet planning time -- while it lasts.

As the school day begins, Jay Hudson's woodworking students are busy building shaker-style furniture.The newly-created shop features more room, higher ceilings, and advanced ventilation systems providing a better learning and working environment.

Morning light filters through a wall of windows in the SHS library creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere for Beth Talbott's Global Studies students. The new space is bright and open allowing student collaboration and interaction.

Over at Barron, we find the elementary school's unofficial mascot, Hadley, making her rounds. The 2-year-old golden retriever is a trained therapy dog and serves as a calming influence for students (and staff) during emotional moments. First-Grade Teacher Cecilia McGlynn shares Hadley with the school several days a week.

It's story-time at Fisk Elementary School. Library Assistant Sally Mancini helps bring the story to life for a group of first-grade students.

Who wants to share a toy you just built with a younger student when you know they are going to break it? Barron fifth-grade STEM students are doing just that in order to improve their designs. And, well, it's also kind of fun.

Woodbury Physical Education Instructor Spencer Shaw takes a moment to explain an activity to students in his Adaptive PE class. Today they're playing a game to improve motor skills and practice working as a team.

Class has been dismissed and the busses have pulled away, but the day continues for this group of teachers. Regular after-school meetings provide an opportunity for teachers and administrators to share ideas and collaborate on district curriculum initiatives.

A group of North Salem Elementary teachers end the day with a warm up session for the school's Girls on the Run program. There's running, of course, but the program also inspires girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident through activities that build self-esteem and projects that promote community involvement.

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