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Big Fun at "Big Event II"

Lancaster teachers and staff created 18 mini-courses in a variety of interest areas during this year's "Big Event II." Students were able to participate in activities ranging from bike safety, yoga, weaving clothing, sign language, decorating cakes, and others during the school-wide event held Thursday, Feb. 22.

Podcast: Making Mistakes and Growing Brains

The Salem School District embraces an educational philosophy that encourages mistakes and rewards continued effort. These are the foundations of a growth mindset and the key to creating better learners.

Today's podcast explores the differences between fixed and growth mindsets and why failure is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Nose to Tail: Culinary Students Go Whole Hog

Salem High School culinary students spent today getting to know the secrets of sustainable use of a common food source.

Chef Ben Reed, owner and head chef at Thyme + Tide Kitchen in Hampton Falls, NH,  held a butchery demonstration for students in the culinary arts program. He shared characteristics of the pig explaining how the way it lived and the structure of its body influenced how it can be used as a food source.

Though not all students were comfortable with the process at first, they agreed it was important to understand where food comes from and how sustainable practices lower food costs and extend options for creating meals.

Salem Robotics: More than Fun and Games

In the early hours before school begins, these fourth-grade Soule school students are busy problem-solving. The "board" is laid out in the library and animals, obstacles and robots have been constructed from First Lego League kits. Students eagerly type commands into iPads that direct the robots to interact with the board pieces. Today they are trying to collect the "pink pig."

"In a competition, students get points by how well their robot interacts with various elements on the board," says Anna Caron, one of several Salem teachers volunteering time to guide the elementary Lego Robotics Clubs. "We're just getting started. Today's challenge is to collect the pink pig without crashing into other objects."

The students take turns determining a course of action, programming the robots, then running the controls. After collaborating on alterations, they share in the celebration of successes and the angst of near misses.

Over at Lancaster, stu…

Lessons Learned from Luke Bonner's Journey

Luke Bonner always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his famous siblings -- Matt and Becky. But after suffering a career-ending knee injury during his senior year in college, the youngest member of New Hampshire basketball’s royal family faced a harsh reality.

“I needed to recalibrate,” Bonner told a group of nearly 500 students at the Salem High School recently. “I knew I had to move on from basketball, but I had no idea what to do next.”

Bonner shared lessons from his journey with Salem and Pelham students at the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce Business Education Collaborative event held at the Seifert Performing Arts Center.

Stacey Kallelis, Work Based Learning Coordinator at Salem High School, helped organize the event and feels Bonner’s story holds lessons for her students.

“Luke’s unconventional journey to where he is now depended on keeping an open mind, finding those transferable skills, and using his network to reach his goals,” notes Kallelis, who met Bonner when they …