Big Fun at "Big Event II"

Lancaster teachers and staff created 18 mini-courses in a variety of interest areas during this year's "Big Event II." Students were able to participate in activities ranging from bike safety, yoga, weaving clothing, sign language, decorating cakes, and others during the school-wide event held Thursday, Feb. 22.

Mr. Griffus -- a visiting "mad scientist" -- helped students create a number of bubbling concoctions.

Miss Malo worked with students interested in bike maintenance and safety.

Miss Farley and Miss Higgins lead students through a number of yoga poses.

Mrs. DiZazzo helped students create their own sensory glitter bottle.

Students in the "Hot Lava STARS" course used cooperation and planning to make their way
down the hall without touching the floor tile.

Mrs. Drummond helped students learn and share some basic sign language skills.

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