Parents + Kids + Math = Fun?

Students have one minute to flip a water bottle as many times as possible.
Then they calculate the probability of flipping a bottle and having it land upright.

Bonnie Torrey swears math is fun. No, really. To prove it, the Fisk School inclusionary specialist organizes an annual Math Night that brings students and family members together for a night of fun activities.

Ms. Torrey pulls together staff and student volunteers from the district to set up and facilitate 13 activity stations throughout the Fisk Elementary School. Parents and students work their way through various math- and STEM-themed challenges designed to promote creative problem-solving, an understanding of technology resources, and an appreciation for hands-on learning practices.

Students practice their addition and subtraction skills by playing the game Farkle.

Families work together 100 cups to build a tower within three minutes in this STEM challenge.

Students program their own interactive animations using Scratch Jr. -- a computer programming and coding tool.

Parents and students work out the basics of balancing a checkbook by acting out scenarios suggested by playing cards. 

In this room, families estimate the number of objects in a container using Google Forms.

Students must decode addition and multiplication problems using numbers on hidden emoji's to "escape" the room.

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